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Team Bath Racing Sponsors

Team Bath Racing sponsors are high-quality engineering companies or generous patrons who believe in our cause. Review the list below to see for yourself, and if your company should be among these, scroll to the bottom to join us.

3Dconnexion provide Team Bath Racing with the hardware that enables better ergonomics and more efficient 3D CAD modelling to create our award-winning designs. Their products support an immersive navigation of 3D designs and support the effort of established firms globally.


We are proud to welcome 3DPrintUk as a sponsor for TBR21 - they are specialists in low volume production using state of the art SLS and MJF 3D printing systems. With over 10 years experience, 3PrintUK offer short turnaround times at exceptional prices and robust quality.

AH Fabrications logo
AH Fabrications

Team Bath Racing use their facilities and expertise to learn about making reliable aluminium welded parts. AH Fabrication specialise in aluminium fabricated components, and have been depended upon for several years for manufacture of our bespoke fuel tanks.


Altair are a leading provider of software solutions in engineering. The company has generously provided Team Bath Racing with the use of its applications that allow us to conduct detailed operations such as CFD, FEA, topology optimisation suspension kinematics analysis.

Andy Robinson Race Cars logo
Andy Robinson Race Cars

ARRC provide the team with a huge wealth of technical support in the area of chassis manufacture. With years of experience in drag racing, Andy brings a wealth of technical expertise, and has helped us produce our main roll hoop for a number of years, always to the highest standard.

University of Bath Alumni Fund logo
Alumni Fund

A pool of all donations from ex-students of the university, the Alumni Fund enables numerous student projects across all fields of study. It is thanks to the generous financial support of those who previously had the opportunity that we can develop our skills and compete internationally.

ANSYS logo

ANSYS are widely renowned in the industry as leaders in engineering simulation. By kindly supporting us with their FEA and CFD software, various aspects of our car can be designed and optimised much quicker, with much greater confidence in the accuracy of our simulations.

Antigravity Batteries

Antigravity Batteries are a leading provider of lightweight and high performance lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries that meet every need from daily driving to motorsports. The company has generously supported us in our efforts to create a lightweight and reliable build.

ATE Machining

ATE Machining are specialists in bespoke designs and CNC machining who are devoted to creating the best possible quality products for their intended use. Our partnership with them will allow us to manufacture designs to meet any deadline to the highest possible quality.

Aurora Bearings logo
Aurora Bearings

Aurora Bearings are widely depended upon in the motorsports industry for their rod-ends and spherical bearings. This is no different with TBR, and we are very grateful for their provision of rod-ends and spherical bearings that ensure the best performance of our suspension geometry.

AVL logo

AVL is an Austrian based automotive consultancy company provide Team Bath Racing with expert advice in powertrain development, as well a licence for their combustion analysis software, Concerto. This helps the powertrain team analyse and understand our combustion data.

BP logo

BP are Team Bath Racing’s largest historical supporter, initially under the Castrol name. BP support us with all our lubricant requirements, and provide graduate employment opportunities to students from the University of Bath. We are glad to have had them on our side for all these years

The Bugatti Trust logo
The Bugatti Trust

The Bugatti Trust has supported Team Bath Racing financially for several years now. Based in Gloucestershire, it specialises in documenting the work of Ettore Bugatti, exhibiting photographs, mechanical components, and even complete cars from the Bugatti marque's history.

Calspan logo

Calspan, a tyre research facility in association with the FSAE TTC, provide all Formula Student teams with testing data on a range of FSAE suitable tyres. This data has been indispensable in the design of all our cars, for both class 1 and class 2 Formula Student events.

Clarendon Fasteners logo

Clarendon is a distributor of the high quality fasteners, bearings and seals for the Motorsport, Aerospace and Defence industries. They support TBR by providing the fasteners used across the car, which have quite literally kept our cars together during competitions in the past.


A name synonymous with high performance, Cosworth is a landmark engineering firm that has continued to deliver many firsts on both the racetrack and the road for over 60 years and counting. They will be supporting TBR with ECUs and their engineering expertis.

Cross Manufacturing logo
Cross Manufacuturing

Cross Manufacturing are a precision manufacturing company, specialising in precision seals and rings, and serving the aerospace and automotive industry. They support TBR by manufacturing critical powertrain components, including our engine mounts and sprocket carrier.

Demon Tweeks logo
Demon Tweeks

A brand every motorsports enthusiast will know, Demon Tweeks are suppliers of all the automotive performance components a racing team needs. With an extensive stock of high-quality specialist parts, having Demon Tweeks as a sponsor has been crucial to our teams success for many years now.

Docking Engineering

Docking is a name synonymous with motorsport, designing and developing a range of aluminium cooling products specifically to meet the extreme demands of motorsport. They have lent their expertise in the design of our radiator and fan mounts, as well as the manufacture of our radiator.

Easy Composites logo

Easy Composites are a leading supplier of composite materials and associated equipment, catering to the UK and European Market. They are highly skilled in all aspects of advanced composites manufacturing, and support TBR with various materials for our own composite projects.

EBC Brakes logo
EBC Brakes

One of Team Bath Racing sponsors since 2018, EBC are a market leader in braking technology. They generously supply us with superior quality EBC brake pads, as well as advice and manufacturing for our custom brake discs. We look forward to a continued partnership in stopping power!

Emkay Plastics

Emkay Plastics Ltd was established in 2000 by and are the leading suppliers and specialists for the distribution of Rohacell in the UK. The company is providing us with Rohacell structural foam core and machining it for our extremely lightweight aerodynamics package.

ePLAN logo

EPLAN joined the team in 2018, to help solidify TBR's electric systems design process. Known for their excellent digital CAD software, EPLAN's generous support has greatly improved our loom and wiring design, which is of crucial importance in the harsh environment of a Formula Student vehicle.

Evolution Measurement logo
Evolution Measurement

Evolution Measurement are experts in pressure, temperature and resistance measurement. They are supporting TBR by providing valuable pressure sensors with which we can validate our CFD simulations, ensuring we can design and test the most efficient aerodynamics package.

Ford logo

Founded in 1903, Ford is a multinational automotive manufacturer. Ford UK and TBR have fostered a close partnership since 2014, with the leading automotive brand sharing our drive for success. We look forward to sharing this common goal for many years to come.


Garrett Motion technologies and innovations have been used by nearly every major global auto maker, resulting in approximately 100 million vehicles with their products spanning gas, diesel, natural gas, electric and fuel cell powertrains. Under a close partnership the company supplies TBR annually with their turbocharging solutions.

Get It Made

Get It Made offers limitless engineering capability for just about any manufacturing process, supporting the prototyping and production of custom parts. The company supports the team with CNC machining, moulding, extruding, casting, and additive manufacture.

igus logo

Igus have, since their inception in 1964, been pioneering the use of polymers in motion components, creating reliable motion solutions for a range of usage environments. Their low-wear, lubricant-free bearings are used in our rear anti-roll bar design, as well as in a number of measurement and testing assemblies.

IPG Automotive logo
IPG Automotive

IPG are a global provider of solutions to overcome the challenges in the vehicle development process. They have generously provided us with use of their Carmaker vehicle simulation software, allowing us to build complete and realistic test scenarios with ease.

KA Sensors

KA Sensors Ltd are a specialist sensor manufacturing company based in Grantham,. They produce a wide range of sensors and have considerable expertise in supplying to the motorsport industry. We are incredibly thankful for their support with our electronic sensors.


As a global leader in dynamic measurement technology for measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration, Kistler supports their customers in improving their products. They support TBR with their piezoelectric sensors to help us understand our build and testing processes.

Lee Company

Lee Company are international leaders in the development of miniature fluid control, providing various engineering industries with advanced components that allow for smaller and more robust designs. Lee Company supports TBR with hydraulic plugs for our powertrain design.

Loctite logo

Loctite are a supplier of industrial adhesives and sealants and Team Bath Racing are pleased to announce their support. Their high quality products will be used in many areas of the car build, including the manufacture of our full carbon fibre monocoque.

MSC Software logo
MSC Software

MSC Software is a global leader in simulation software and services. As a trusted partner, MSC Software helps TBR improve quality, save time, and reduce costs associated with the design and testing of products, using software such as ADAMS for Vehicle Dynamics optimisation.


Pentaxia are UK-based leading composites specialists, able to deliver a complete composites solution under one roof. They have supported Team Bath Racing with their expertise and manufacturing capabilities in motorsport, supporting us.

ProFormance Metals

ProFormance Metals are a metal and plastic supplier, supplying the raw materials needed for high-performance applications. They have the in-house expertise to advise, source and supply metals and plastics from mild steels to aerospace grade material with no minimum order value.

Progressive Technology Group

The Progressive Technology Group are market-leading, award-winning, sub-contract engineers. The company supports TBR with the manufacture of precision parts in incredibly short lead times, specialising in advanced CNC multi-axis machining, three dimensional additive manufacturing and composite patterns.

Red Bull

Red Bull, founded in 1987, is an icon of performance and pushing boundaries. We are proud to have the world's largest energy drink company as a sponsor for Team Bath Racing in 2021, providing us with the energy and drive to develop the winning solution for Formula Student.


Ricardo PLC are a global strategic engineering and environmental consultancy that specialises in the transport, energy and scarce resources sectors. We are incredibly grateful for their support with their suite of simulation software - Ricardo Wave allows us to conduct a variety performance analyses on our powertrain.

RS Components logo
RS Components

RS components are a worldwide one-stop-shop for everything engineering, with a huge product range with competitive prices and dependably fast delivery. They are supporting us with discounts on purchases from their huge range of engineering components, crucial to various aspects of our build.

Santander universities logo

We are delighted to have Santander Universities as a principal Team Bath Racing sponsor, providing us with financial support to support our development and offering alumni graduate career opportunities. Santander are a longstanding partner who have been critical to our growth over the past few years.

Schaeffler logo
Schaeffler Bearings

The Schaeffler Group is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of bearings, and are once again supporting Team Bath Racing for the 2021 season. Schaeffler will be providing the team with wheel and suspension bearings, for which we are extremely thankful.

SHAPE Machining

SHAPE Machining Ltd offers a full engineering service to their automotive and aerospace customers. Shape provides accurate CNC machined patterns and Rohacell foams to support the manufacture of the carbon composite structures of Team Bath Racing builds.


Siemens are one of the world's leading engineering solution companies who are helping to build the world of tomorrow. We are incredibly grateful to have the company as a sponsor for 2021, as they have provided us with use of their advanced high-end NX CAD software.

Solvay sponsors logo
Solvay Group

Solvay group are an internationally-renowned advanced materials and chemicals company. They generously support Team Bath Racing by providing us with all the Carbon Fibre to build our chassis, as well as consummables to help in the manufacture of our parts.

TE Connectivity sponsors logo
TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is an electrical technology company with over 75 years experience leading the design and manufacture of connectivity and sensor products for harsh environments. We depend upon their support for our loom design, to ensure we don't suffer electrical failure during competition..


Trelleborg Applied Technologies are industry experts in polyurethane, glass microspheres, epoxy tooling, and engineered rubber solutions They will be providing TBR21 with an epoxy tooling board to machine our aerodynamics package pattern for composite manufacture.

Vector sponsors logo

Vector are industry experts in the field of automotive electronics and have sponsored TBR since 2019. They are kindly supporting the team with their donation of CAN products, which will help us massively improve the reliability of our electronics design.

Zircotec sponsors logo

Zircotec has developed a range of ultra high-performance plasma spray coatings to protect components from the effect of heat, corrosion and wear. Zircotec have assisted Team Bath Racing in providing their coatings for our exhaust system and carbon fibre wheels.

Interested in Joining the Roster?

We are always looking for companies with which to develop and foster exciting partnerships.  Team Bath Racing sponsors support the growth of the UK’s most competitive Formula Student team, who are constantly developing new technologies at the forefront of motorsport, and enabling the future of the next generation of highly talented engineers. If you would like to join us, please get in touch via our contact page.