TBR08 – Rear View

Changing to a Honda engine, TBR08 continued the lighweighting effort of its designs and achieved a 190kg ready-to-race car. This was the first of of the Team Bath Racing cars to feature a backplate (pictured), to which the final drive is bolted and which then is attached to the chassis, a trend which would continue for several years. TBR’s rise in success continued, achieving 4th overall at FSUK and once again being the best UK team.

Powertrain2007 Honda CBR600RR, RWD
Chassis4130 Chromoly Steel Spaceframe
Vehicle DynamicsPull Rod Actuated Springs and Dampers, 10″ Custom Aluminium wheels with Hoosier Tyres
FS UK4th Overall (Best UK team), 3rd in Acceleration event, 4th in Endurance Event