In 2011, the team planned its success by securing several cash sponsors early on. However, money can’t buy happiness – but an achieved 160kg ready-to-race weight can! The team really focused on lightweighting every component in the car, and with the Aprilia 2-cylinder engine, RTBR11 achieved 65 bhp @ 9000 rpm, and a torque of 55 Nm @ 8000 rpm. This is the only Team Bath Racing car to date to have competed in America, and it achieved an impressive 5th place overall against a very tough crowd. Unfortunately, the Aprilia engine was not ready for the heavy duty cycle we submitted it to, and the car suffered engine failure midway through the endurance event.

PowertrainAprilia RXV55 (2cyl V-twin), RWD
Chassis4130 Chromoly Steel Spaceframe
Vehicle DynamicsPush-Rod Spring, Damper and ARB’s, 10″ Custom CFRP/Aluminium Wheels, Hoosier Tyres
AerodynamicsSingle Sidepod for Cooling
FS UK16th Overall, 1st in Design & Business event
FSAE California5th Overall (Best UK team), 4th in Endurance event, 3rd in Engineering Design event