TBR14 in action!

For 2014, TBR built upon TBR13’s design, adjusting the monocoque design and heavily optimising the front and rear wings. The result was an 165kg R2R car, with a peak power of 46kW @ 9500 rpm, and an aerodynamic performance of 1930N Downforce / 1100N Drag at 80kph. This car secured good results both in the UK and in Austria, further reinforcing Team Bath Racing as a name not to forget.

PowertrainAprilia RXV550 (552cc, 2cyl V-twin), RWD
ChassisHybrid (Front Carbon Fibre Monocoque / Rear Steel Space Frame)
Vehicle DynamicsPull- (F) and Push-Rod (R) Coil over Damper, Torsion ARB, One-piece custom CFRP Wheels, 10″ Hoosiers
AerodynamicsRear Wing, Front Wing (heavily optimised to divert air flow from wheels), Single Sidepod for cooling
FS UK7th Overall, 4th in Endurance event
FS Austria5th Overall, 3rd in Skidpad event