TBR15 – Front View

2015 marked a year with several advancements across the car. It was the first of our cars to transition to a KTM engine, and was additionally the first to run on E85 fuel. While maintaining the hybrid chassis design, additive manufacturing was heavily across the car, including the wheel uprights and carbon wheel centres. Additionally, this was the first car to feature a full-car aerodynamic package, including a floor and diffuser. Overall, the car achieved a peak power and torque of 70hp and 60 Nm, at 9,000 and 6,000 rpm, respectively. With a ready to race weight of 169 kg, this car performed very well at both UK and Austria yet again, winning the endurance event outright at FSUK.

Powertrain2016 KTM 500 EXC, Boosted with Garrett MGT1238Z Turbocharger, RWD
ChassisHybrid (Front Carbon Fibre Monocoque / Rear Steel Space Frame)
Vehicle DynamicsPull- (F) and Push-Rod (R) Coil over Damper, Torsion ARB, 5-spoke custom CFRP Wheels, 10″ Hoosiers
AerodynamicsFull-car Aero package, including Front & Rear wings, Floor Aero, Diffuser & Sidepods for Cooling
FS UK4th Overall, 1st in Endurance event
FS Austria5th Overall, 3rd in Skidpad event