TBR17 – Front View

After having set the bar so high in 2016, TBR17 set out to design a significantly more advanced car. Featuring a full carbon monocoque chassis for the first time in our history, as well as a hydraulic shifting mechanism designed in-house. This, in addition to the full aerodynamic package resulted in an increased vehicle weight at just over 200kg R2R. TBR17 boasted performance figures of 74 hp and 62 Nm @ 8000 rpm. Unfortunately, several shifting issues and suspension failures across all competitions prevented TBR17 from ever reaching its full potential, although it proved its speed by taking 1st place in the sprint event at FSUK.

Powertrain2016 KTM 500 EXC Turbocharged
ChassisFull Carbon Fibre Monocoque
Vehicle DynamicsPull- (F) and Push-Rod (R) Coil over Damper, Torsion ARB, Custom CFRP/Aluminium Wheels, 10″ Avon Tyres
AerodynamicsFull-car Aero package, including Front & Rear wings, Undertray, Diffuser, Side Aero & Sidepods for Cooling
FS UK9th Overall, 2nd Engineering Design, 1st Sprint
FS Germany40th Overall
FS Czech19th Overall, 1st Business Presentation