TBR18 – Front View

TBR18 marked a step up in engine size from the KTM 500 to the KTM 690, choosing power over overall car mass. This setup  gave 74hp @ 8500rpm, 62Nm torque @ 8000rpm, with a ready-to-race weight of 205kg. The aerodynamic package added a hefty 1100N of downforce at 80kph. Unfortunately, despite a winning design on paper, the team was plagued by boosting issues at FSUK and FS East, ruining our shot at what could have been a competition trophy. With the issues sorted out, TBR18 proved itself in the highly competitive FS Austria, taking 3rd overall!

Powertrain2015 KTM 690 EXC Turbocharged, RWD
ChassisFull Carbon Fibre Monocoque
Vehicle DynamicsPull- (F) and Push-Rod (R) Coil over Damper, Torsion ARB, OZ Magnesium Wheels, 10″ Avon Tyres
AerodynamicsFull-car Aero package, including Front & Rear wings, Undertray, Diffuser, Side Aero & Sidepods for Cooling
FS UK16th Overall, 2nd in Cost event
FS East10th Overall
FS Austria3rd Overall, 2nd in Endurance