TBR19 in action!

2019 was a challenging year for TBR. Factors beyond the teams control delayed build significantly, and resulted in an impressive car on paper but one plagued by reliability issues. Features like front- and rear-wing DRS and the lightest yet most complex aerodynamics kit to date were overshadowed by technical problems which ruined our chances at competition. The car then proved its worth later in the year at the Prescott hill climb with a very impressive performance, but overall this would be a year to learn from.

Powertrain2015 KTM 690 EXC Turbocharged, RWD
ChassisFull Carbon Fibre Monocoque
Vehicle DynamicsPull- (F) and Push-Rod (R) Coil over Damper, Torsion ARB, OZ Magnesium Wheels, 10″ Hoosier Tyres
AerodynamicsFull-car aerodynamics kit, including front- and rear-wing drag reduction system.
FS UK15th Overall
FS Austria27th Overall